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Type: Synthetic fat burner
Average weight loss: 8-20 lbs/month
Price: From $69.95

See Phen375 review

Type: Fat burner
Average weight loss:1-4 lbs/week
Price: From $65.95

See Adiphene review

Type: Fat Binder
Average weight loss: 6-18 lbs/month
Price: From $63.95

See Proactol XS review

Proactol XS

Adiphene review

Best alternative fat burner 2017

adiphenebottleHave you been thinking about shedding a few extra pounds? Maybe you have been thinking about shedding more than a few extra pounds.

Whether you have a little or a lot of weight to lose one of the products that is becoming more and more popular is called Adiphene.

Proactol XS review

Best Fat Binder 2017

Proactol diet pill appeared several years ago and started to turn the weight loss industry upside down right from the beginning.

We heard so many good things about this diet pill – that’s why we wanted to take a closer look at it.