100% Pure Acai Berry diet pill review

100Pure-Acai-BerryAcai Berry does not need special introduction.This fruits grows in South American forests and it contains huge amounts of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients that are required for proper function of human mind and body. Acai Berry can help you with weight loss, detox, having more energy etc.

A lot of Acai pills have appeared on the market since Acai Berry was featured on the Oprah TV show.

However, majority of those supplements are scams because they either don’t offer real Acai Berry or they try to pull you in auto-ship program (free trial scams). One of the rare Acai pills that are legitimate is called 100% Pure Acai Berry.

Buy 100% Pure Acai £29.95

What is 100% Pure Acai Berry?

Manufactured and distributed by retailer Evolution Slimming, 100% Pure Acai Berry offers you 700mg of Acai Berry per pill, which is 1,400mg per day (2 tablets per day is recommended dosage).

What are the ingredients?

Only 100% pure and freeze dried Acai Berry is used inside this supplement (hence the name), and nothing else. That means no fillers, useless ingredients or additives. That can be easily confirmed by looking at the pill color, which is darker. Since Acai fruit is naturally deep purple color, Acai pills need to be dark purple to black color as well.

Is this a free trial?

Not a free trial. Manufacturers are aware of all the Acai scams around the Internet; they are offering you the real deal here – dietary supplement with real Acai Berry in it. And you won’t be put on any auto-ship program. You will only pay what you order and you won’t be sent more packages without your knowledge.

100% Pure Acai Berry side effects

This pill should not cause any side effects or risks to your health. When Acai Berry is in its pure form, it does not carry any risks with it. And 1,400mg of Acai per day is safe dosage.


Good product and definitely recommended if you’re looking for good Acai Berry pills. You can buy it online at the Evolution Slimming website; starting price is £29.95, although we recommend you to buy bigger supply. You get 30-day money back guarantee with every purchase.

More info on Evolution Slimming website

Alternative Acai supplement

pureacaiberry-miniPure Acai Berry Max gives you 1,500mg of Acai Berry per day, comes with all the necessary certificates, doesn’t cause any side effects and offers you 6-month money back guarantee.

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