7dayfatburnerreviewRight from the beginning, there’s something suspicious about the name of this product. Apparently the manufacturers of this weight loss supplement say that you can lose anywhere between 7 and 21 lbs in just 1 week! Statement like this always raises a red flag in our opinion.

Besides losing weight, 7 Day Fat Burner also states that it can help you detoxify your body. As tempting as it may sound, there are actually several problems with this supplement that you should be aware of.

Can you really lose that much weight in 7 days?

Of course not. This claim that you can lose 7-21 lbs in 7 days is not backed by any clinical studies on their website. Manufacturers simply made a statement and that’s about it. Are we supposed to believe this statement as it is?

Also there is no money back guarantee whatsoever. That means that manufacturers simply don’t believe in their own product. So in case you’re not satisfied with your weight loss results, you can’t do anything about it. The only thing that you can do is try another diet pill. Any product that makes such bold claims and doesn’t give you any money back guarantee should be avoided at all costs.

Be very cautious about this product!

Their official website says that this product is completely free from ephedrine and is 100% natural. This is just an attempt of manufacturers to convince you that this product is safe to use. But we have to say that it is very unhealthy and as a matter of fact – really dangerous to lose that much weight in just a week!

Even if you lose weight with this supplement, it will be through diuretic process, by removing waste and toxins from your body. This is also the part of the supplement that is responsible for “detoxifying” your body.

Keep in mind that there are 84 tablets in a bottle and you are supposed to take all of them in 7 days. In our books that is just too many pills to take in short amount of time, and especially if those pills contain diuretics. This also means that the weight you lose will be mostly water weight; therefore it is very likely that you will regain your weight once you stop taking this supplement.

Too much risk with 7 Day Fat Burner!

Let’s be clear about one thing – there are far too many risks involved with this supplement. When we review a diet pill, our primary concerns are safety and effectiveness. While 7 Day Fat Burner might be effective, it not safe at all.

If you are looking for credible fat burners, take a look at Phen375 – it’s the only fat burner product that we recommend.