72 Hour Diet Pill review

72hourdietpillYou might be surprised when you hear this, but 72 Hour Diet Pill is not actually a diet pill. Rather, it’s a detox supplement with no weight loss properties whatsoever.

The only possible way to lose weight in 72 hours (like manufacturers say) is through diuretic effect of some of its ingredients.

Keep in mind that diuretics can actually help you get rid of the water from your body in short amount of time; however, this effect is only temporary and doesn’t help you burn any fat at all.

What are the ingredients of 72 Hour Diet Pill?

  • Dandelion root – Dandelion was tested on animals for lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels with no-so-good results. We couldn’t find any evidence that this diet pill could help you in way to lose weight.
  • Juniper Berry – It can help kidneys with filtration, but this has nothing to do with losing weight. In theory this could actually make you pee more than usual. And 72 Hour Diet Pill claims that peeing more often can help you “wash away bacteria”, whatever that means. This claim is not supported by medical evidence at all.
  • Uva Ursi – It can fight infection and it has diuretic effects.
  • Potassium Gluconate – It can help you with regulating blood pressure, but it doesn’t have weight loss or cleansing properties.
  • Caffeine – It helps with breaking down fat stores in your body.
  • Buchu Leaf – It is used in the traditional medicine as urinary tract disinfectant and diuretic as well.
  • Ginger – Used in medicine for decreasing inflammation, easing nausea and digestive upsets.

Does it really work?

As we already stated, 72 Hour Diet Pill is not a diet pill at all. At its best, it can be classified as mediocre detox supplement (if that). We couldn’t find a single ingredient (besides caffeine) inside this pill to have any kind of weight loss properties. The only way you could lose some weight is if you temporarily lose a little water weight, which will come back very shortly.

What about the price?

The official website of this pill offers it for just $9.99. You might think this is very cheap and it probably is, considering that we’re not talking about a real diet pill here. Every bottle supposedly contains two 72-hour supplies, which is 36 pills in total.

Money back guarantee

The manufacturers claim that they will offer you a full refund on your purchase. But they are not clear if they offer a refund if you open the bottles or not. In situations like this, companies often try to trick customers by not being clear about their refund policy.

Often they will refuse to give you money back for those bottles that you opened. If this is the case, then there is no money back guarantee at all because you can’t possibly know if something works or not before you try it.

Do we recommend 72 Hour Diet Pill?

Absolutely not. This isn’t diet pill at all – this might be some kind of detox pill. So if you’re looking for real diet pill, you will have to find something else.

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