Acai Berry Select Review

What It Is

acai_berry_select-reviewAcai Berry Select is a new diet pill on the market based on the Acai berry. There is a lot of good potential for this product.

What we noticed about this pill at first was that they don’t simply rely on the Acai berry for an ingredient, but also choose to include other proven weight loss ingredients.

Therefore, Acai Berry Select gives you an edge over other Acai diet products by including Acai berry extract along with other nutrients such as Chromium, Green Tea and L-Theanine.

What It Contains

  • Acai Berry (50 mg)
  • Caffeine (200 mg)
  • Chromium (75 mg)
  • Green Tea (225 mg)
  • L-Theanine (8 mg)

Acai berry is a powerful source of antioxidants at levels well above any other supplements or natural foods including blueberries and pomegranates. Many consider Acai berry to be one of the healthiest supplements on the market today. Acai berry itself won’t lead to weight loss results, but it can be a good addition to other diet ingredients.

Caffeine can be effective as a diuretic and stimulant that has been proven to result in weight loss. Caffeine works to improve your energy and metabolism and has been proven to do so.

Chromium has been proven to help regulate blood sugar levels; it can help with weight loss, but won’t cause you to lose weight on their own.

Green Tea is one of the few diet pill ingredients that are proven to help with weight loss. Green Tea can burn fat and dramatically increase your metabolism. There is plenty of research to back up the effects of Green Tea, which means it is a good ingredient to have in your diet pill.

L-Theanine is an ingredient proven to help lower your stress levels.

When you read this ingredient list, it is important to realize you are seeing something that you won’t find often. The manufacturer of Acai Berry Select is completely listing the amounts of their ingredients. Most diet pills don’t go nearly as far when provide you with ingredient information.

The Company

The manufacturer has a straightforward website that focuses mostly on the ingredients. They readily admit the need to add other effective ingredients to the Acai berry, which is another benefit.

However, you do need to be aware of their autoship program. At one time, the company offered you to purchase the product individually or to participate in their autoship program, but this has changed. Now you can’t buy the product yourself, rather the manufacturers are using the same tactic as other companies.

They get you to try a ‘free trial’ of their product and then automatically enroll you in an autoship program. The manufacturer is not open and clear about this program either. So if you take part in the ‘free trial’ program beware that your credit card may get automatically charged.

Pricing and Guarantees

Acai Berry Select has a decent price at $39.95 per bottle. There is also a 90-day guarantee on unopened and opened bottles. In the diet pill industry, it is good to see a manufacturer offers 90 days or more as a guarantee. It is also good that the manufacturer will accept empty bottle returns, most companies won’t allow this.

Is It Worth It?

Overall, Acai Berry Select is a good diet pill. They have clinically proven ingredients that work to supplement the Acai berry, which means the pill has a strong ingredient profile.

The manufacturer even goes a step further by providing the amount of all their ingredients, something most diet pill manufacturers don’t do and should be done. The price is decent and it comes with a good guarantee.

However, the sneaky aspect of the auto-ship program makes it difficult to recommend purchasing through the manufacturer. Too many people have experienced problems with these policies. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend buying Acai Berry Select.

Much better alternative to this diet pill is Pure Acai Berry