What It Is

acai-burnOn the Acai Burn website, Julie Parks says that you will miss your chance to experience this unique diet pill if your don’t act quick because the diet pill is selling quickly.

So let’s jump right into our review and see if you should take part in this “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. You have likely heard of such tactics before, but let’s consider the product anyway.


  • Acai Berry

Acai Berry provides you with plenty of antioxidants, as well as help you lose weight. A lot of information discusses how Acai Burn can help you, but there isn’t a lot of information on the pills ingredients, other than the fact that it contains Acai berry.

Under the company’s FAQ page on the website, it simply says the product is a supplement that combines the super food Acai berry with clinically proven ingredients that help with weight loss. There is no elaboration on what these other ingredients might be or even how much Acai berry is placed in each pill. So how do you know what you are putting into your body with this pill?

The Company

The manufacturer of Acai Burn is focused on getting you to buy the product right away. The manufacturer provides a free 14-day trial period, but this also automatically signs you up for additional shipments. Acai Burn is simply another of many manufacturer’s that offer potential customers a free trial.

When you sign up for this free trial, you are enrolling in their autoship program at the same time. This means that if you don’t call and cancel within 14 days of ordering, you will automatically be mailed another order and your credit card will be billed.

This is why the company only accepts credit card payments, because they need to continue charging you for the product. The bad part of this practice is that they don’t mention automatic enrollment in the autoship program and you won’t know about it unless you read the very end of the About Us page.

This means most accept the free trial, thinking it is a good thing and don’t know they are getting involved in an autoship program or that they need to cancel in order to avoid getting charged a large amount.

Read the Fine Print:

“Where AcaiBurn™ offers its “Free Trial” Promotion and you have chosen to register for such Promotion, upon submitting your initial AcaiBurn™ Application the Active Credit Card will be charged only the non-refundable Shipping and Handling for your initial fourteen (14) day trial membership. (“Trial Membership”) and you will receive a one (1) month supply of AcaiBurn™. If you do not cancel your Membership as set forth in Section 6 herein below and return the one (1) month supply at your expense, which must be received by us, within fourteen (14) days of your receipt of the one (1) month supply of AcaiBurn™ (“14 Day Trial Period”), your Active Credit Card will be charged the monthly Membership fee of Fifty-Nine Dollars and Ninety-Five Cents ($59.95) (“Monthly Fee”). Your first three (3) month supply of AcaiBurn™ will be shipped thirty (30) days from the date that your initial “Free Trial” one (1) month supply was shipped”

You won’t be able to get this information unless you dig for it on the manufacturer’s website. This information is not presented openly on the product website.

Pricing and Guarantee

In addition to the sneaky offer of a 14-day trial, Acai Burn costs $59.95. This means that once you order the product you are basically going to be charged $60 a month on your credit card unless you call and cancel.

When it comes to the manufacturer’s guarantee, see if you can figure this fine print out:

“As an active Member, if you are not satisfied with AcaiBurn™ for any reason, and you cancel your Membership as set forth in Section 6 below and return the package, which must be received by us, within sixty (60) days of the date that your most recent three (3) month supply of AcaiBurn™ was shipped, you will be refunded any and all Monthly Fees that you have paid toward such three (3) month supply upon our receipt of all unused portions of such supply (“60 Day Guarantee”) All unused portions returned to us as part of the 60 Day Guarantee shall be shipped at your cost. Any and all Shipping and Handling shall remain non-refundable.”

Basically, this sounds like you are going to be in a lot of trouble if you order Acai Burn.

Is It Worth It?

You don’t know the exact ingredients of Acai Burn, plus the company employs shady marketing practices to lure unsuspecting customers. While Acai berry is good for you, there is definitely no reason why you should waste your money buying this product.

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