Acai Lipo diet pill review

acailipoAcai Lipo is a typical example of the Acai Berry free trial offer. These kinds of offers flooded the Internet a few years ago, when thousands of people were scammed and put on an auto-ship program.

How Acai free trials work

The way Acai Lipo free trial program works (and all other Acai free trials) is that you need to fill your personal data (along with your credit card number) and you will be sent “free trial sample” of their supplement.

But what you don’t know is that if you don’t cancel your membership with them within 2 weeks (or less) they will charge you full price of their supplement and they will send you new bottles, whether you want that or not.

Acai Lipo ingredients

The following ingredients are listed on the supplement’s website:

Acai Berry, Green Tea extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp and Grapefruit.

That is all nice, but what about amounts of these ingredients? Unfortunately we couldn’t find any information about the dosage. Whoever sells these pills wants you to fall for photos of well-shaped female bodies and Hollywood celebrities, as if those people used their supplement. Don’t fall for this trap.

Acai Lipo does it work?

Probably works to some extent. But understand that there’s no such thing as “free lunch”. Why would anybody give you health supplement for free? There’s got to be the catch, don’t you think?

Do we recommend Acai Lipo?

Definitely not recommended. Understand that this is Acai free trial scam we’re talking about; you might get these pills for free, but very soon you will pay the real price (and more) for it. Don’t fall for nice site design and celebrity photos. Be smart and choose wisely some other supplement without free trial offer option.

Better alternative

pureacaiberry-miniPure Acai Berry Max – The only Acai Berry diet pill we found that didn’t have free trial option. Manufacturers are well aware of free trial scams.

That’s why they’re offering you the real deal here: 1, 500mg of fresh & freeze dried Acai Berry, all required certificates and 6 months money back guarantee. No auto ship program, no hidden fees, and no outrageous claims.

Pure Acai Berry Max review