Accelis review

AccelisAccelis is a weight loss supplement with official claim to help you lose weight by converting glucose into muscle mass (instead of storing it in cells). This process is supposed to help you lose weight in a natural way, without stimulants and using only organic ingredients.

But we were wondering – what were those ingredients that could help you lose over 10 lbs in just 20 days? Manufacturers of course say that there are no side effects whatsoever, but we wanted to find that out ourselves.

What are Accelis ingredients?

The main ingredient inside Accelis diet pill is called Lagerstroemia speciosa and it contains 3% corosolic acid. This is the main ingredient that is responsible for converting glucose into muscle mass instead of fat. It’s true that corosolic acid was proven to help in losing weight; however, we think that small percentage like this simply can’t help you lose much weight at all.

Other ingredients worth mentioning that are present in Accelis diet pill are:

  • Caffeine-free green tea extract – green tea was proven to aid in weight loss process, but decaffeinated tea loses this ability
  • Caffeine-free white tea extract and caffeine-free oolong tea extract – same as above, useless if it is free from caffeine
  • Chamomile extract – shown to help you improve digestions, but not lose weight
  • Soy phospholipids – may help reduce hot flashes related to menopause; some experts say that it can help with breast cancer, but nothing related to weight loss at all.
  • Passionflower – useful as a sedative

All of these ingredients are present in very small doses inside this diet pill; therefore they can’t help you lose weight effectively.

What about side effects?

Besides not helping you lose weight, Accelis was shown among many users to cause some nasty side effects such as: bloating, nausea feeling, indigestion, heartburn, drowsiness and similar.

There’s another thing you should be aware of – lack of clinical studies on their official website. Although we have to note that there are no success stories present on their website. Not that testimonials are a sign that a pill works, but it would be good to see couple of positive success stories of people who actually used this product and had success with it.

On their official site there are references to the studies that have been done on this diet pill’s main ingredient – corosolic acid, but we can’t find more details about this study (when was it done, where, who has done it, location etc).

There’s only 1 testimonial about this supplement and it’s from a doctor who says that Accelis really works. This really doesn’t prove anything because they could have easily paid the doctor to say few good things about this product.

Accelis – not recommended!

At first Accelis might look a very tempting solution to lose weight – just take 2 pills every day and lose weight. But the reality is that this supplement carries too many possible side effects with it. Plus there are no clinical trials that have been done on this supplement.

The only thing we found was the reference to the clinical study on the diet pill’s main ingredient. But with tiny amount of this ingredient present, we really don’t think that you can lose much weight (if any) with this diet pill. Besides the main ingredient, other ingredients won’t do anything for weight loss.

Therefore, we suggest you to take a look at our top recommended diet pills and take it from there.