Adapexin-P-pillThe number of diet pills on the market that make outrageous and unbelievable claims is huge. And Adapexin-P is no different.

“Lose 10, 15, even up to 20 Pounds in 28 days” and “#1 Rated Diet Pill of 2011!” are just a few of their claims. Then they also say that Adapexin-P contains “clinically proven” ingredients, which is far from the truth.

Ingredients inside Adapexin-P

Phenylethylamine (37.5 mg), Glucomannan (1000mg), Chromax (500mcg), Raspberry Ketones (100mg), Ginger Root (50mg), Evodiamine (50mg), Caffeine Anhydrous (199mg), Vitamin B12 (500mcg).

The ingredient list is nothing to be excited about because most of the ingredients are NOT clinically proven to help with weight loss (contrary to what the manufacturers say). For example we could not find any proof that Phenylethylamine helped with weight loss or suppressing appetite.

Then there are some ingredients that work on animals, but there are no proofs that they are effective in humans (Raspberry Ketones, Evodiamine). The inclusion of Caffeine and Vitamin B12 doesn’t mean much for weight loss either.

Adapexin price and guarantee

1 bottle of Adapexin will cost you $49.95. They offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every order, but save yourself time and money; you will want your money back anyways. They even include a “3 Day Slim Down” supplement if you order more packages of Adapexin. Slim down in 3 days? Come on!

Is Adapexin-P recommended?

Not recommended at all. Adapexin-P is NOT a natural diet pill (they say it is natural), it does NOT contain clinically proven ingredients and it will NOT make you “lose 10 pounds in 28 days”! Kindly move on and look for other, more effective dietary solution.

Best alternatives

proactolreview-miniProactol Plus – Fat binder with 5 published clinical studies and present on the market since 2007. Proactol is able to stop up to 27% of your dietary fat intake, without any side effects. Lots of photo and video testimonials as well. Highly recommended fat binder.

Proactol Plus review

phen375-miniPhen375 – One of the top rated fat burners on our site. Phen375 is for those people who are looking for more rapid and quicker results. It contains totally synthetic ingredients and represent great alternative to the Phentermine weight loss drug.

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