African Mango Advanced review

What is African Mango?

Afican-MangoOne of the most recent additions to the weight loss market are African Mango supplements.

This fruit (also known as Irvingia Gabonensis) that grows in Western and Central Africa has been shown to contain great weight loss properties.

African Mango is the only fruit that can successfully balance out the need for food by adjusting your leptin levels, therefore affecting your appetite and metabolism.

Featured by Dr Oz in the United States, African Mango can help consumers lose weight and stabilize their cholesterol levels.

African Mango research study

In one controlled scientific study, 102 obese patients were given either a placebo pill or African Mango pill. After 10 weeks of taking 2 tablets a day, people who took African Mango pill showed significant weight loss of about 28lbs an average. Those people who took placebo pill did not show any changes in weight loss at all. This just proves that African Mango really is effective when it comes to losing weight.

What is African Mango Advanced 1200mg?

African Mango Advanced is the latest African Mango supplement to appear on the UK weight loss market. Evolution Slimming supplier sells this supplement for £29.95 (60-tablet pack) and you also get 30-day money back guarantee.

African Mango at Evolution Slimming