allidietpillsAlli is FDA approved over the counter weight loss pill that is equivalent to the prescription only drug Xenical. The main substance is called Orlistat and Alli actually contains 1/2 the dose of Orlistat than the prescription diet pill Xenical.

If you use it properly, Alli can help you lose up to 50% more weight than you would lose without the supplement. Alli is not a perfect diet pill either. Consumers are advised to use Alli properly, as instructed, in order to avoid unpleasant side effects.

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How does Alli work?

Alli works by attaching to the fats in your stomach, making them too large to be absorbed by your body. It can stop up to 25% of your fat intake from being absorbed. Those unabsorbed fats will then be eliminated as waste instead of going to other parts of your body.

Does Alli work?

It works to some extent. What does that mean? Well, with Alli there’s diet plan book that you get when you purchase the supplement and you’re supposed to follow the guide book while you take Alli. Also, when taking Alli you need to closely watch your diet and make sure that you don’t eat more than 15g of fat per meal. We are wondering why take a supplement in the first place if you need to watch so closely your food intake?

Alli side effects

If you eat more fat per meal than allowed, then Alli will block too much fat, which will result in some unpleasant side effects like: very frequent bowel movements, gas and oily discharge. Other than that, Alli is pretty safe diet pill because it does not interfere with your nervous system like most prescription diet pills do.

Where to buy Alli?

You can buy Alli diet pill anywhere over the counter. It is safe to buy it over the counter because it is FDA approved.

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Is Alli recommended?

proactolreview-miniThere have been reports of people successfully losing weight with Alli. But there have also been reports of people having above mentioned side effects on Alli. Therefore we recommend you a great herbal alternative to Alli diet pill, Proactol.

Proactol is very similar in mechanism of action to Alli, it can bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake, doesn’t have any side effects, and unlike Alli, Proactol has all natural ingredients.

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