Anadrox diet pill review

AnadroxAnadrox is an oral diet pill that is manufactured by Maximum Human Performance, a well known company in the sports supplement industry.

Anadrox claims to be the first in the world to use diet pills combined with muscle growth with extreme exercise (such as workouts at the gym pumping up the upper and lower body muscles).

Anadrox is not for the average customer with dieting issues and health related issues. Anadrox targets the sport enthusiast, body builders and trainers because it is an intense fat burner and results in extreme muscle gain through pumping. (Pumping is a repetitive weight lifting regimen for body builders and other sport trainers who are into well-toned bodies).

What’s in it?

Anadrox contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals, NitroFolin and Thermo-Z7. The NitroFolin compound provides the body with Nitric Oxide, flooding the body with increased blood flow and ideal conditions for the fat burning Thermo-Z7 which, in turn, causes adrenalin to pump throughout the body giving a wide range of increased energy and sustaining extreme exercise.

Are there any negative effects?

There are side effects associated with Anadrox; these include increased heart rate, nausea, shortness of breath, diarrhea, weakness, jitters, nervousness, irritability and insomnia. Anyone who has heart conditions and other serious health factors should not use Anadrox, as it is not for the “faint of heart”.

How much is Anadrox?

The cost of Anadrox is actually very expensive at $41.99 for one bottle. This sounds economical until you realize you have to take 8 pills per day, making one bottle last only 2 weeks. Also, with some of Anadrox’s ingredients, they don’t tell you what percentage each ingredient includes.

Without knowing the specific quantities of each ingredient, how can you be sure whether or not it is safe? Now it is a matter of personal choice knowing that the cost of weight loss and muscles could cause possible damage to the human body.

Is Anadrox recommended?

Not recommended due to the big list of possible side effects. Apart from that, if you are a regular dieter, you might want to avoid this supplement because it is meant to help you burn fat and increase your muscle mass. It is popular among the bodybuilders.

What is the alternative?

phen375-miniLooking for fat burner? Fine. Our vote for the top rated fat burner suitable for regular dieters goes to Phen375, fat burner with fully synthetic ingredients. Phen375 also represents great alternative to the all famous substance Phentermine. You can buy Phen375 without prescription online.

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