Avesil customer reviews

AvesilThe moment we land on the Avesil official website, there is a red sign that says “Get your trial today”. This obviously raises red flag right from the beginning.

Unless you’ve been living under the rock for the last decade or so, you are probably familiar with popular “Acai Berry free trial” scams that flooded the Internet several years ago. Well this isn’t exactly Acai Berry supplement, but it surely seems like a free trial scam.

Avesil ingredients

ChromeMate, Ashwaghanda extract, Green Tea extract (decaffeinated) and Caffeine.

The ingredient list is not visible on the front page of Avesil website. You have to go to the bottom and click FAQ. Among those questions, there is 1 question concerning ingredients. It is as if manufacturers don’t think that talking about ingredients is worthwhile.

Read Terms and Conditions!

If you still don’t believe that Avesil is scam diet pill, then you should read Terms and Conditions (link is on the bottom of their website). Let us show you what it says, among other things:

“Start your Trial today and we will send you a full 30-day supply of Avesil. Just pay $5.95 in shipping and processing. You will have 14 days to try Avesil and discover why it is the perfect Weight-control Formula for you. 14-day trial starts on order date. You must cancel before end of trial period and return trial supply (at your expense) to avoid product charge of $89.95 and continuation in our home delivery program. Beginning 30 days from order date and every 30 days thereafter, our home delivery program will send you a fresh supply of product for $89.95 plus $5.95 s/h per shipment, charged to same card you provide today.

Is Avesil scam?

It looks like a scam and not a genuine pill. There are many things wrong with this product right from the get-go.

Do we recommend Avesil?

Stay away from Avesil. This product is a typical example of diet pills meant just to get people’s hard earned money. If we were giving ratings to diet pills, Avesil would get 1 out of 10. We advise all consumers to look for better alternatives.

Avesil alternatives

phen375-120abcPhen375 is currently the strongest non-prescription fat burner that you can get. This product contains some of the most potent pharmacy grade ingredients on the market. According to many people Phen375 is often called the best legal alternative to the famous Phentermine.

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ProactolPlus120Proactol Plus can block up to 28% of the fats from your diet and prevent them from being absorbed by your body. This completely herbal diet pill has been on the market since 2007 and so far there are thousands of dieters worldwide who have tried Proactol and managed to shed pounds with it. Purchases can be made online and without prescription.

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