Best appetite suppressants UK

top-appetite-suppressantsConsuming too much food is problem for most dieters today and at the same time the main reason of gaining weight.

Appetite suppressants can be of a great help in this case; these diet pills contain ingredients that can send “stomach full” signals to your brain, making it believe that you are full and satisfied.

Appetite suppressants come in synthetic and natural form. Synthetic appetite suppressants often are prescription only and they can be used for short period of time. What’s even worse, these synthetic pills contain dangerous chemicals that cause nasty side effects.

On the other side, natural appetite suppressants contain organic ingredients that are safe to be consumed and can also “trick” your brain into believing that you are full. We found a lot of appetite suppressants that claimed to be natural, but we settled down with only a few that we think are totally safe to be recommended:

Unique Hoodia

  • UniqueHoodiaExpected weight loss: 3-4lbs per week
  • Main ingredient: 100% pure & unaltered Hoodia Gordonii
  • 495mg of Hoodia per pill (90 pills per box)
  • Has the required certificates (CITES, COA, Organic Annex Certificate)
  • Contains Bioperine (for much faster absorption)
  • No side effects reported
  • Price: From $54.95 (about £35)

Unique Hoodia review | Unique Hoodia website


  • Expected weight loss: 1-2lbs per week
  • Main ingredient: Bioginate Complex (derived from seaweed Laminaria Digitata)
  • Well-known appetite suppressant in UK
  • No side effects
  • Price: From £19.41 (50 tablet box)

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  • ZotrimappetitesuppressantExpected weight loss: 11lbs in 45 days (proven)
  • Main ingredients: Yerba Mate, Damiana, Guarana
  • Dual action weight loss system (Less calories in + More calories out)
  • 8 clinical trials since 2000
  • Big media attention (The Daily Mail, The Telegraph etc)
  • Price: From £21.95

Zotrim review | Zotrim website