Best carb blockers

What are carbohydrates?

carbohydrateblockersCarbohydrates play an important role in everyday diet. The problem is that many people today have too many carbohydrates in their diets and that’s when you have a problem.

When you have too many carbohydrates, your body cannot effectively deal with all those excess carbohydrates and they are easily converted into fat. That’s why you need to somehow block excess carbohydrates. That’s where carb blockers come into play.

What are carb blockers?

Carb blockers (also known as starch blockers) are diet pills that specifically block the release of digestive enzyme called alpha amylase which is responsible for breaking down starchy carbohydrates from foods like pasta, rice, noodles, cakes etc.

This way carbohydrates from your diet will NOT be converted into glucose and then to fats. Those unabsorbed carbs will then be eliminated from your body by passing through intestine and then going out via your bowel movements.

Our top recommended carb blocker pills:


MeratoldietpillsMeratol appeared at the end of 2010 and it is already predicted to be the best selling slimming pill in 2011!

This 4-in-1 weight loss system offers you 4 different ingredients in order to give you 4 different weight loss benefits.

So, in essence Meratol is more than just a carb blocker; besides starch blocking, it decreases your caloric intake, speeds up your metabolism and makes you burn off more calories, even while at rest.

  • Expected weight loss: 3-5lbs per week
  • Exclusive 4-in-1 system never seen before!
  • World renowned manufacturer (Advanced Health Ltd)
  • Ingredients: Prickly pear extract, Cactus extract, Capsicum extract, Seaweed extract
  • Side effects: None reported
  • Price: From £29.99

Meratol review | Meratol official site

C-Plex 60

cplex60carbblockerC-Plex 60 contains Seaweed extract as its main ingredient. Seaweed extract is one of the most common ingredients in many carb blocker pills on the market.

C-Plex60 can prevent up to 82% of the carbohydrate intake from being stored as fat. For example, a person who eats fish and chips meal with 1,265 calories can expect to take in only 785 calories.

  • Blocks up to 82% of carb intake
  • Decreases caloric intake by 30% and food cravings by 50%
  • Ingredients: InSea2 (derived from Seaweed extract)
  • Side effects: None reported
  • Price: From £34.99

C-Plex 60 review | C-Plex 60 official site

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