Bromalite review

bromaliteBromalite is a cleansing diet product (also known as a colon cleansing). Millions of people are turning to this easy and safe way to lose weight.

An example of a commonly known Bromalite is Acai Slim. It aids in the body’s digestive track by cleaning toxic wastes, burning body fat and improving your metabolic rate. In turn, this causes a person to lose weight.

The manufacturer company that makes Bromalite is Bromalite LTD. The general cost of Bromalite dieting powder is $74.99.

The human digestive system has a special bacteria called pro-biotic. The pro-biotic in our body is responsible for breaking down of foods and ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. The healthier our GI tract pro-biotic count is, the better our digestion ability. This helps to better weight, healthier living and less occurrence of being obese. Using Bromalite has pros and cons:


  • Contains good bacteria
  • Removes harmful toxins (impurities accumulated from foods and lifestyles)
  • Increases metabolic rates
  • Burns fat more effectively
  • Totally natural product
  • Flushes the body of parasites, worms and chemicals


  • There are no diet or exercise programs included with taking Bromalite
  • May lose water weight rather than fat weight
  • For many companies you are charged for diet pills on an auto-ship plan and it is difficult to cancel your plan.
  • Expensive
  • Does not suppress appetite

What are Bromalite Ingredients?

Bromalite is made of Acidophilus and Bifidobacterum, Papian, Green Tea Extract Ginger Root, mangosteen extract and Citrus flavonoids.  All the ingredients are derived from natural sources.

Overall, Bromalite seems to be a pretty good and safe way to lose weight without stress to your body however, “Most people have complained of being scammed and billed repeatedly even after trying to cancel”. (

Bromalite conclusion

Instead of settling down with the product that has many complaints, why not go for tried and tested products that won’t give you any surprises when it comes to losing weight? We recommend you to take a look at our list of recommended diet pills and take it from there.