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Kim Kardashian product review

quicktrimuk3“Get QuickTrim and lose weight like Kim” is the main tagline of the newly introduced and redesigned cleansing and weight loss product from Kim Kardashian, a well-known celebrity from USA.

The story surrounding QuickTrim product is rather interesting because originally QuickTrim included different products than today.

And what’s even more interesting is the fact that a $5 million lawsuit was filed against Quick Trim company in USA because several unsatisfied customers reported that they did not get the results as promised by the original Quick Trim product, describing product claims as “false, misleading, and unsubstantiated”. [link]

Originally QuickTrim included 4 different products (cleansing & weight loss) among which were diet pills that included a large amount of caffeine alongside several other herbal ingredients that were never proven to help with weight loss.

QuickTrim alternative #1

Contents of Quick Trim

There are no more diet pills inside QuickTrim. Kim Kardashian redesigned the product to include the following items:

– 1 Bottle of Kim Kardashian’s Cleanse

10 Meal Replacement Shakes (5 x Vanilla Flavour, 5 x Chocolate Flavour)

– Programme Guide and Suggested Meal Plans

How does Quick Trim work?

The whole programme will take you 7 days to complete. This by itself is red flag; honestly how much weight can you lose in 7 days? Day 1 and 2 are reserved for cleansing your body and preparing it for weight loss. During these 2 days you are supposed to mix Kim Kardashian cleanse with water and drink it (4 times a day). You caloric intake will also be limited during this time. From days 3 to 7 you are supposed to use meal replacement shakes (2 times a day).

Problems that we see with Quick Trim

First of all, on the official site they say that you are allowed to use Quick Trim for as long as you reach your weight loss goal, but the thing is that one Quick Trim Essential Kit (priced £39.99) is good for only 7 days. Let’s say that you still have something left in the bottle of Kardashian Cleanse. But you will still have to buy more shakes, which you can buy separately on the website (£24.99 for 14-shakes pack; good for 7 days).

We couldn’t find any detailed information about the exact ingredients inside Quick Trim. There is just a mention that there’s a small amount of caffeine and lactose present inside Chocolate flavor shakes, there’s no fibre and that Quick Trim product is suitable for vegetarians.

Where to buy Quicktrim in UK?

You can buy it exclusively at Rowlands Pharmacy and online.

Is Quick Trim recommended?

It’s very hard to recommend a product that is designed from the start to get your hard earned money. And it is highly unlikely that you will lose much weight in 7 or 14 days. Kim Kardashian didn’t lose weight with her product, we hope that is obvious? The product is obviously a money machine, just like anything else coming from this celebrity. And the fact that original Quick Trim has a $5-million lawsuit against it speaks volumes about this product.

Quick Trim alternatives

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