DecaSlim diet pill review

decaslimpillsEver since Super Foods were featured by Dr Perricone on Oprah TV Show, the number of diet pills claiming to include Super Foods started to rise dramatically. DecaSlim is one of those pills.

What is DecaSlim?

DecaSlim is non-prescription diet pill that includes various Super Foods in it. Basically DecaSlim claims that you can lose weight using all these Super Foods. Apparently DecaSlim will help you lose weight (up to 5lbs per week), boost your energy levels and cure acne for you. Claims like this always raise a big red flag.

DecaSlim ingredients

Green Tea, Safflower oil, blueberries, dietary fiber, broccoli, spinach, flax seed, tomato, garlic, resveratrol

There’s nothing breathtaking about ingredients in DecaSlim.

DecaSlim side effects

Reported side effects with DecaSlim are: anxiety, irritability, and headaches. Probably due to stimulant content inside (Green Tea).

Does DecaSlim work?

Most likely that it doesn’t work and here’s why…

Getting rid of acne using DecaSlim is simply impossible. After all, DecaSlim claim about acne hasn’t been evaluated by any dermatologist.

DecaSlim is known to have bad customer service. There are several reports of people getting the wrong orders and then being unable to claim their money back from DecaSlim.

You would be better off buying all those Super Foods in raw form instead of getting them through DecaSlim.

DecaSlim conclusion

Mediocre ingredients, possible side effects, bad customer service, unbelievable statements… It’s really no-brainer: avoid DecaSlim.

What are the alternatives?

We advise you to take a look at our top rated diet pills and take it from there.