Fibretrim dietary drink review

fibretrim2Fibretrim is a weight loss drink that can help you cut your caloric intake by up to 28% which will result in consuming up to 200 less calories during lunch time.

It tastes like orange & mango juice and most people would love the taste of it.

Apart from that, Fibretrim can make those hunger pangs the thing of the past and can stop your cravings for high fat sweets by up to 50%!

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Fibretrim ingredients

Fibretrim is based on the UK’s popular Zotrim diet pill, which was scientifically proven to increase feelings of fullness (satiety), which as effect has weight loss.

Fibretrim contains the same ingredients like Zotrim (Yerba Mate, Damiana, and Guarana) with the addition of Inulin, which is unique to the Fibretrim drink.

And what exactly is Inulin? It’s a soluble dietary fiber which helps you maintain healthy digestion. We are all supposed to take 24 grams of dietary fiber every day, but we rarely do so.

You’ll be happy to know that each serving of Fibretrim contains approximately 5 grams of dietary fiber, which will enable you to achieve the daily requirement of fiber in your diet.
Inulin is able to feed the good bacteria inside your digestive system and give you the following benefits:

  • Enhance your immune system
  • Fight the effects of lactose intolerance
  • Improve your calcium absorption
  • Improve bowel regularity
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Scientific proof of Fibretrim

There was a medical study from 2009 where 48 individuals were given Inulin and placebo pills. Those who took Inulin lost on average 2.2 pounds over a period of 12 weeks. Those taking placebo pills lost on average 1 pound.

What does Fibretrim look like?

13300Fibretrim is packaged in an orange, purple and white box, listing all the ingredient amounts and direction for use. Fibretrim comes in sachet form, and every box contains 20 sachets.

The contents of the sachet should be mixed with 200 ml of cold water and that’s it. When you make the drink it will look very similar to orange juice and it will taste like orange and mango juice. So it tastes great and it helps you lose weight – great combo!

Is Fibretrim recommended?

If you’re looking for safe alternative to diet pills that tastes great and helps you lose weight, then Fibretrim is highly recommended. It’s only available from the official website.

Official Fibretrim website