HCG Diet Drops review

What is HCG?

HCGDietDropsHCG, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is hormone that is present during pregnancy. This hormone supplies healthy nourishment to the fetus by burning fat from mother’s body.

HCG was first spotted by Dr A.T.W. Simeons in late 1950s who was working in India. Apparently he noticed that a lot of pregnant women were very malnourished, but at the same time they gave birth to healthy babies. This was, of course, possible because of HCG and its properties.

How HCG works

HCG hormone works by sending signals to your brain to start using fat reserves without affecting muscle mass. When used in conjunction with a low calorie diet, HCG can be of a great help in weight loss.

What is HCG Diet Drops?

Among many HCG supplements that mostly contain HCG injections (ouch!), recently we found one supplement that didn’t include injections. It’s called HCG Diet Drops, and it comes in form of liquid drops.

How to use HCG Diet Drops?

Very easy – basically you just drop 10 drops of HCG Diet Drops, three times a day. After a drop, wait about 10 seconds in order to fully absorb. Also keep in mind you should follow the low calorie, high protein diet that you will get with this product.

How much does it cost?

The best deal we found online was Safe and healthy weight loss at HCG Drops Direct

Does it cause side effects?

Lose Weight Fast with HCG Drops DirectThere are no reported side effects so far with HCG Diet Drops.

Is it recommended?

Yes, recommended product, especially if you’re looking for something other than weight loss pills. If you buy this product from Evolution Slimming, you will also get 30-day money back guarantee.