myoffeineMyoffeine diet supplement has a rather curious selling point.  That is, it is designed specifically for men.

The diet industry normally targets women because it is they who worry about weight the most.  They say that if a woman takes the pill, she will shed weight too fast and it is this that is attracting women in their droves.

Myoffeine ingredients

There are some pretty serious stimulants in this pill and for anyone who doesn’t like heart flutters etc, this pill should be avoided.

–    Caffeine Anhydrous
–    Citrus Aurantium
–    Cinnamon
–    Tetosterone and muscle increasing additives
–    Catuaba
–    L-Arginine
–    L-Glutamine
–    Tribulous Terretis

The first ingredient in the list is a good one for those who want to lose weight.  However, it is hard to see what cinnamon will do.  Other ingredients increase muscle mass and others promote the lean muscle mass which men want so much.  There is one thing that the manufacturers have not included which seems to be very important to most.  That is, it doesn’t say how much of each ingredient is included.

The Good Side

This pill is marketed at just $20 per bottle although the website claims that this is far below the normal price.

The Bad Side

There is absolutely no guarantee from the manufacturers because of the low price, or so they say.  However, anyone that buys a product would be far more liable to come back and buy more if they knew that they could get their money back if it proved worthless.


There is no doubt that the ingredients in this pill do promote extra energy which should result in weight loss.  It is purely down to the individual then if they want to risk this relatively small amount of money to try out something that could work.  Be aware of the stimulant nature of the pill though.

Better alternatives

phen375-120abcPhen375 has been slowly gaining popularity over the years. This purely synthetic fat burner can offer you weight loss rate of about 2-3 lbs per week and with no side effects whatsoever. It is often regarded as “the best legal alternative to Phentermine”.

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Proactol100 (2)Proactol Plus first appeared on UK market in 2007, and soon after it reached the masses worldwide. This fat binder can stop about 1/4 of the fats from the food that you eat and prevent it from being digested and absorbed by your body. It does this with totally natural ingredients that don’t cause any side effects.

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