Nuratrim in Daily Mail

Burn 380 calories a day

nuratrimkimkardashian2Today, on December 27th, Nuratrim appeared in Daily Mail in UK. The article explains that Nuratrim went on sale today, with 50,000 advanced orders already made!

It is believed that big celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Aniston all used this pill in order to lose weight successfully.

Daily Mail article here

What is Nuratrim?

Dr Alfred Hasslebacher explains that Nuratrim is targeted towards both men and women and is meant to help them slim down their bodies faster. “This optimum formula has been clinically proven to increase energy levels, suppress appetite, and burn fat” – said Dr Hasslebacher.

As one of the main selling points of Nuratrim, it is said that this diet pill can burn as many calories as 40-minute jogging and also its main ingredient (Glucomannan) is believed to have the ability to swell inside your stomach and keep your appetite suppressed.

nuratrimpackage130aNuratrim main benefits

This dietary supplement comes with 4 ingredients and each one of them provides you with individual benefits:

* Glucomannan – Appetite suppression
* Green Coffee – Increase in metabolism
* Licorice – Lowers LDL cholesterol levels
* Capsicum – Burns fat

How to buy Nuratrim?

At the moment Nuratrim is available only from official website where 1-month supply will cost you £34.95.

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