Nuratrim UK diet pill review

Surprise diet pill for 2012!

NuratrimAdvanced Health, Scottish based manufacturer of diet pills (Capsiplex, Meratol) prepared big surprise for the end of 2011, and it is called Nuratrim!

There are some rumors that big PR related to this diet pill will hit the UK at the end of the year, so huge sales volume are to be expected with Nuratrim.

What exactly is Nuratrim, we hear you ask. According to manufacturers’ words, Nuratrim is a uniquely design diet pill that helps users achieve faster metabolism, decreased appetite and helps them burn fat easier than usual.

Nuratrim official website

Nuratrim ingredients

  • Glucomannan – Water soluble dietary fiber derived from konjac root. Glucomannan is a well-known ingredient present inside many health supplements and certainly it’s the key ingredient inside Nuratrim. Glucomannan alone is able to absorb up to 200 times its weight in water.
  • Licorice extract – In one experimental study, people who took 900 mg of Licorice flavonoid oil for 8 weeks achieved decrease of body fat, BMI, body weight and decrease in LDL cholesterol levels!
  • Green coffee extract – “If a human consumes one kilogram per day of food containing 10 grams of green coffee bean extract for 14 days, the increase in body weight may be suppressed by 35%,” said lead author Hiroshi Shimoda.” [link]
  • Capsicum extract – Contains Capsaicinoids, compounds that can slightly increase your own body’s temperature and heat production, which as a result has increased energy expenditure, even while at rest.

Does Nuratrim work?

Nuratrim side effects

nuratrimbuyNo side effects have been reported so far by consumers. Nuratrim appears to be totally safe for short and long term use.

Unlike many dangerous chemical drugs out there, Nuratrim does not contain any synthetic stimulants. And the amount of Green Coffee inside Nuratrim is very small and shouldn’t be of any concern.

How much weight can consumers expect to lose?

Manufacturers point out that you can expect to lose up to 4 lbs in first week, and then reduce to 1-2 lbs per week after that.

Where to buy Nuratrim?

Nuratrim is not available in the usual high street stores like Tesco, ASDA, Boots and similar. The only real place to buy Nuratrim is the official website and nowhere else. Also it would be a good idea to buy this diet pill as soon as possible due to the current PR, meaning stocks could soon run out.

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