Oxotrim Review

What It Is

oxotrimreviewOxotrim is a diet pill sold through Newton-Everett and works through a control of thermo genesis and metabolism. In addition to burning fat and boosting metabolism, Oxotrim works to suppress appetite.

When it comes to pills that burn fat and suppress appetite, Oxotrim is one of the more popular options on the market. Newton-Everett claims that their pills will drive up your fat burning potential by 200%.


  • 7-Keto
  • Advantra-Z
  • Green Tea
  • Metabromine
  • Serotain

The main ingredient in Oxotrim is 7-Keto, a non-stimulant that can naturally increase your metabolism. Advantra-Z, green tea and metabromine are also ingredients focused on increasing your metabolism and energy. Serotain is a natural appetite suppressant that will reduce your cravings for unhealthy food.

The Company

Nearly all of Newton-Everett’s marketing is done online and the majority of their pills are sold through their website. Therefore, they don’t take a lot of effort to marketing a particular pill. However, the company does offer a well-organized website that is easy to navigate and get the information you need.

Pricing and Guarantee

Oxotrim costs $49.95 through the manufacturer website. This is an average price for diet pills and you shouldn’t be uncomfortable spending this much if you get results.

Newton-Everett offers a 30-day guarantee. 30 days often isn’t long enough to gain confidence in a product, but it is better than no guarantee at all. Before buying a diet pill, it is always best to find a guarantee of at least 60 days.

Is It Worth It?

Oxotrim is a decent diet pill that has good ingredients with proven results. It is hard to believe that it will offer a 200% increase in fat burning.

There are plenty of pills on the market that offer fat burning and appetite suppression, while Oxotrim certainly isn’t the worst it also isn’t one of the best. The best pills have a strong guarantee, effective ingredients and a competitive price.

Our best recommended alternative is Phen375 which can give you both, fat burning and appetite suppression, without any side effects.

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