What It Is

patentrimreviewRecently, the FDA warned against using Hydroxycut-branded products because of health problems associated with the liver. The FDA hasn’t yet confirmed, but some believe the side effects are the result of Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA.

HCA is an ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia. One of the ingredients in PatenTrim is Super Citrimax, which contains HCA. Therefore, without more definitive research, we don’t recommend taking PatenTrim or any other product that contains Hydroxycitric Acid.

The diet pill market today is filled with thousands of choices and it isn’t often that we find one we would recommend. This is why PatenTrim was at first a breath of fresh air in an industry full of scams and bad products.


  • Bioperine (5 mg)
  • ChromeMate (200 mcg)
  • Forslean (250 mg)
  • Green Tea – Decaffeinated 50% EGCG (1,000 mg)
  • Gymnema Sylvestre – 25% gymnemic acids (200 mg)
  • Super CitriMax (1,400 mg)

In addition to a list of ingredients, the manufacturer offers a rare item – the amount of their ingredients. So many diet pills simply call it a proprietary blend and list ingredients, while hiding the actual amount of each ingredient. As a result, you may be getting a pill that doesn’t contain enough ingredients to do anything for your weight loss goals.

PatenTrim had the benefit of disclosing their ingredient amounts. This shows the company wasn’t trying to hide anything, but were willing to disclose exactly what you put into your body. This gave the product a major plus.

ChromeMate is an oxygen-coordinated niacin-bound form of chromium that helps achieve weight loss through blood sugar regulation. Many diet pills contain this ingredient, but since it has a high price tag you often don’t find much of it. Therefore, it is nice to see that PatenTrim offered the right amount of ChromeMate that was used in supportive studies.

Super CitriMax or HCA-SX was proven to suppress appetite and inhibit fat products. There has been a lot of research to prove its effects in weight loss. When included in a product with niacin-bound chromium and GSE or gymnema sylvestre extract it is known to have even better results.

One study reported the following: “The combined results confirm that HCA-SX and, to a greater degree, the combination of HCA-SX plus NBC and GSE reduce body weight and BMI, suppress appetite, improve blood lipid profiles, increase serum leptin and serotonin levels and increase fat oxidation more than placebo.” It is important to note that PatenTrim contains both NBC and GSE to help increase the effects of Super CitriMax.

Green Tea – Decaffeinated 50% EGCG is included in an astounding amount in PatenTrim. The amount of green tea in PatenTrim is much more than other diet pill companies. This green tea is decaffeinated so even those who don’t do well with large amounts of caffeine can take the pills. Green tea is a highly researched and supported diet supplement and the high amount in PatenTrim means results are very likely.

Forslean is an ingredient that promotes lean body mass so you can retain muscle mass while you lose weight. Clinical studies and research have proven that Forslean will reduce body weight and fat.

Gymnema Sylvestre – 25% gymnemic acids or GSE is an ingredient that helps aid in weight loss results as stated earlier when discussing Super CitriMax. Therefore, the fact that PatenTrim includes GSE means the manufacturer has done appropriate research.

Bioperine doesn’t have a lot of research behind it, but it is supposed to help the body absorb nutrients. The idea is that the better your body is at absorbing nutrients, the healthier it becomes and the more weight it can lose.

Pricing and Guarantee

PatenTrim is a bit more expensive than other diet pills on the market at $69.00 a bottle. PatenTrim was lowered to $59.00 a bottle, but it is unknown if this is a permanent change or just a temporary price drop. PatenTrim was a good product for a decent price before the decrease. You can either pay $30.00 for a diet pill that does nothing or you can pay a little extra and get ingredients in an appropriate amount that makes a difference.

PatenTrim offers an impressive 100% lifetime guarantee. You can return on used and all unopened bottles for a full refund. If a diet pill is going to have a guarantee, then it is a good sign. The fact that the manufacturers of PatenTrim offered a lifetime guarantee makes the product even more impressive.

Is It Worth It?

Before the recall we would definitely recommend PatenTrim. They provide the amount of each ingredient, something you don’t see often in the diet pill industry. The amounts included are also at the correct levels according to research. The company also offers a good money back guarantee. Therefore, you really couldn’t go wrong getting this product.

The marketing plan was straightforward and open, making it easy to see the company as reputable. It isn’t often that we openly recommend a product and if PatenTrim were to come back on the market, we would definitely recommend it as a weight loss product.

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