Phenocerin review

What It Is

phenocerin reviewThe manufacturer claims that Phenocerin gives you the tools you need to improve yourself and get the winning edge in weight loss.

Combined with your own lifestyle changes, the pill can help increase your energy, help boost your metabolism and help control your appetite so achieving your weight loss goals is easier and faster than simple lifestyle changes.

However, this isn’t likely to happen when you consider their ingredient profile. This isn’t the end of their shady marketing practices.

Their before and after photos are misleading, their testimonials questionable and their promises empty. Consider this Phenocerin review to see what the diet pill is about.


  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Hoodia Gordonii

Some studies have suggested that chromium picolinate regulated body fat storage through insulin regulation. However, studies have also shown that it doesn’t have any effect. In order to get decisive results more studies will have to be done.

If you have read any diet pill reviews on this website you have likely already read about Hoodia. Phenocerin doesn’t state how much Hoodia Gordonii is in the product, which is never a good thing in a diet pill. Keep in mind that about 8 out of 10 Hoodia pills on the market are fake – Phenocerin is probably one of those fake pills.

The Company

The before and after photos on the manufacturer’s website provide a good laugh. The first thing you see on their website is Tina’s success story. For one the pictures look like two entirely different individuals. Second, the pill container she is holding in the picture isn’t the Phenocerin bottle. This should make you very suspicious about the product and its claims.

Then in small letters under Tina’s testimonial you see the disclaimer: “Testimonial results not typical; your results may vary. Individual used Phenocerin with diet and exercise and has been remunerated.”

So if the results aren’t the same, then why is it being used for a sales pitch and main testimonial? Also, remunerated means the individual was paid. If this is the case then how valuable can the testimonial really be? These are important facts to take into consideration.

There are many other techniques that manufacturers use to make themselves look more credible than they really are. One practice is to post a picture of a “doctor” above an explanation of how the product works as if the information is coming from the doctor and not the manufacturers.

There is an AS SEEN ON box, but none of these mention Phenocerin when you research their websites. Many of the testimonial pictures appear to be model shots. It is difficult to believe a product where all the testimonials come from people who have had professional pictures taken.

Pricing and Guarantee

A 1-month supply of Phenocerin costs $59.00. This is a high cost for only two ingredients that are ineffective as weight loss aids.

The manufacturer offers a guarantee on their “free trial”, but doesn’t have any guaranteed on the actual product once you purchase it.

Is It Worth It?

When you are going to consider a diet pill you first want to consider the ingredients. In the case of Phenocerin the ingredients are rather poor and don’t have much supportive research behind them.

Next, you want to consider the company offering the diet pill. If a company uses shady tactics and marketing then you certainly don’t want to take their product. Therefore, don’t fall into the Phenocerin scam and pay such a high price for an ineffective product.

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