ProAction Acai and Hoodia review

Do NOT contact us about Pro Action Acai & Hoodia pills because we are NOT Pro Action company. We are independent review website and we have no connection to Pro Action company. If you want to contact them, go to their website.

What is Pro Action?

ProAction-AcaiBehind the beautifully designed one-page website there’s yet another trial offer on the market. But this one is not free, unlike majority of other Acai offers on the market.

If you want Pro Action pills, you will have to pay at the beginning (around £80) and, if you don’t cancel your subscription, you will be charged £80 every 30 days.

Here’s what they say on the website:

“Unless you cancel, the auto delivery program will begin shipping you a fresh one-month supply of the product about 30 days after you place your trial order and every 30 days thereafter. When each month’s supply ships, we will automatically charge the monthly fee of £75.00 plus £4.95 postage and packing to the card you provided when you signed up for the trial offer.”

ProAction Acai & Hoodia – how does it work?

No one really knows, to be honest. This cleansing formula with weight loss properties is said to do the following things for you: trim off excess weight, curb your appetite, boost metabolism, increase energy, and flatten your stomach. Also, on the official website, they say that “Pro Action weight loss plan is your new secret”. They don’t actually mention how it works.

Ingredients of Pro Action Acai & Hoodia

We couldn’t find information on the exact amounts of Acai Berry and Hoodia Gordonii present inside these pills. You see, it is not enough to just say that a pill “contains Acai” or “contains Hoodia”. In these 2 cases, you need minimum 1,000mg of Acai Berry per day and 1,200mg of Hoodia Gordonii per day in order to feel all the beneficial properties.

Do we recommend Pro Action Acai and Hoodia?

Absolutely NOT recommended! We dislike all trial offers on the Internet and will always advise our readers not to go for those kinds of offers. If you want a legitimate supplement, then look for better alternative.

What are the alternatives?

pureacaiberry-miniPure Acai Berry Max – Supplement offering you 1,500 mg of Acai Berry per day, which is more than enough for your daily Acai needs. Also this supplement has all the required quality control certificates and it doesn’t have free trial option. Top recommended cleansing & weight loss supplement for sure!

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ProactolPlus120Proactol Plus – Top rated fat binder on our website. Proactol is able to stop up to 27% of your dietary fat intake and prevent it from being absorbed and digested by your body. This way you can continue eating high fat meals and still lose part of that weight.

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