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I guess you already know a lot about the all-famous Acai Berry and its great weight loss properties.

It’s totally true – Acai Berry can really supercharge your weight loss efforts. And it’s packed with a lot of amazing nutrients, like Resveratrol and Anthocyanins.

Among many of those Acai free trial scams, we were very surprised to find out about one of the products that didn’t offer free trial – Pure Acai Berry. If you’re looking for Acai supplement, this is the one you should take a closer look at.

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After we did some testing on this diet pill here’s what we found out:

  • Lose 1 to 5 pounds a week – This is one of the rapid weight loss pills; it starts to work right after your first dosage. You can expect to see first noticeable results within just a week.
  • 100% pure Acai Berry – Inside this diet pill you will find real and pure Acai. That means no extracts, no fillers, binders or other useless ingredients. What’s even more important, Acai Berries used were freeze dried right after they were picked up. This is the only way to keep all the health benefits of this amazing fruit.
  • 1,500mg of Acai per serving – Usually you would need somewhere between 500mg and 1,000mg of Acai per serving to feel all the health benefits. But this supplement goes above and beyond by offering you a whopping 1,500mg of Acai Berry – that’s more than enough to support your daily needs. And it’s no wonder why this supplement works so fast.
  • There’s no free trial option – Manufacturers of this diet pill know all about those free trial scams on the Internet; that’s why they don’t have free trial option. This just proves that they are not scammers, but rather a legitimate company who cares about their customers. So they won’t try to hide fees or charge you more than it’s needed. Also they will not auto ship you more pills. You will get only what you pay for.
  • It has all the required certificates – Pure Acai Berry has both important certificates: ORAC certificate and Certificate of Analysis. ORAC tells you that berries used were freeze dried after they were picked up and Certificate of Analysis tells you that only 100% real Acai Berry was used (and not something else).
  • Provides other health benefits – Besides losing weight with Pure Acai Berry you will able to experience overall increased energy levels, and not just that – this diet pill will give you powerful anti-oxidant support and it will remove all the harmful toxins from your body.
  • Full 6 months money back guarantee – The manufacturers of this diet pill are so confident that their product will work for you, they are offering you a full 6 months money back guarantee on all purchases. This way you can have peace of mind, knowing that you have nothing to lose. It’s not just risk free to your health, but your wallet as well.
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Stay away from Acai free trials!

While surfing online, you may have seen those really nice looking sales pages for Acai Berry free trials. They look so tempting and beautiful; it is very easy to fall for these offers. The truth of the matter is that those are scam offers. They just want to get your hard earned money!

Basically you order your “free trial sample” and pay only for shipping and handling (usually few bucks). Then after a month, they will send you more of these pills, whether you want them or not. And of course, they will charge your credit card for the full price of those pills. All this happens without your knowledge! So please avoid those offers by all means.


If you’re looking for real Acai Berry supplement that works and is not a scam, go for Pure Acai Berry. This is one of rare Acai supplements that we recommend to everybody who want to lose weight using Acai Berry.

The manufacturers have been on the market for several years and they know what they are doing. Most importantly, they are not scammers and they actually care about their customers. Their website is really professional looking, which just adds to the credibility of their product.

If you decide to buy this supplement, use the discount code ACAI5 and get 5% discount on any package.

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