Qsymia diet pill review

QsymiaQsymia weight loss pill from Vivus company has been officially approved by FDA in July 2012. This came as great news to many dieters because it has been 13 years since FDA approved any weight loss drug (Xenical back in 1999).

If we’re to believe manufacturers, consumers who qualify for Qsymia can expect to lose around 10% of their initial weight by using this drug.

How does Qsymia work?

Two well-known ingredients are used inside Qsymia:

– Phentermine, which is a popular appetite suppressant drug, was shown to be of a great help in losing weight, when used in short term. Phentermine artificially makes your brain release increased amounts of norepinephrine neurotransmitter, which as a result activates the so called “fight or flight” mechanism. Suppression of appetite is just one of the side effects of the “fight or flight” mechanism.

– Topiramate is ingredient that is used in anti-seizure and migraine medications. Because the drug changes the sensation of taste in most of the users, it is believed that people wouldn’t want to eat everyday foods and hence lose weight this way.

So by combining these 2 effects (appetite suppression and change in taste), Qsymia helps people lose weight.

Who can use Qsymia?

The drug will be prescription only where only qualified doctors will be able to prescribe Qsymia to patients. Only people with BMI of 30+ and people with BMI of 27+ who also have some other weight related condition (such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels etc) will be able to qualify for Qsymia.

Side effects

There are numerous risks associated with Qsymia, and basically that is the reason why this drug is prescription only. Some of the common side effects that can be expected with Qsymia are: tingling sensation in hands and feet, insomnia, high anxiety levels, altered taste of sensation, inability to concentrate, fast heart rate, suicidal thoughts, constipation, dry mouth etc.

On top of this it was stated that Qsymia can cause severe birth defects, so pregnant women must not use Qsymia at all. If pregnancy occurs during Qsymia therapy, the drug needs to be discontinued immediately.

Problems with Qsymia

While the fact that FDA approved Qsymia is very appealing to most dieters, we wouldn’t put our hopes up just yet. Several medical experts agree that they wouldn’t be surprised if Qsymia were to be taken off the market later on. We all need to remember the case of the Fen-Phen drug, first approved by FDA and then withdrawn from the market due to high risks to consumers’ health.

Another interesting fact is that originally Qsymia was denied by FDA in 2010 due to potential for many side effects, birth defects and such. Now that it is approved in 2012, Vivus agreed to conduct further tests and clinical trials which would prove the safety of Qsymia. Also they need to provide detailed information about Qsymia risks and how to overcome them to all the qualified doctors. So, long road is ahead of this drug.

Where to buy Qsymia?

At the moment Qsymia is not yet available. There are some rumors that it will be available in September 2012. When it becomes available, it will be by prescription only and it will be sold in special pharmacies that have been accredited by FDA. Of course before you buy Qsymia, you will have to qualify for prescription.


Even if you qualify for prescription for Qsymia, we would advise you to think twice before taking this drug. Qsymia is a very serious drug and there is a good reason why it is not for everybody. Strong synthetic ingredients that directly influence working of the nervous system are found inside Qsymia and none of those ingredients are herbal! We advise all consumers to find better and safer alternative.

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