Slenderex review

What It Is

slenderexreviewSlenderex is a diet pill that is marketed as helping increase metabolism and burn fat quicker than other pills on the market. The manufacturer says the pills are doctor recommended and has been advertised in magazine and on CNN.

It is hard to believe these claims, consider that it is nearly impossible to find information on the official Slenderex website and there isn’t much information about the product on the internet.


The manufacturer doesn’t provide a real list of ingredients, but they claim you can get the list through their “Buy Now” page. However, when you click on this link you only get a picture of the label that is impossible to read. With no way to get a complete list, you can’t determine the effectiveness of the product.

The Company

You can only get Slenderex through the official website and nowhere else. The manufacturer gives away one free bottle a month, but this isn’t that impressive. It would be more impressive if there were more information about the product or the company online. I hope that as more reviews come up then there will be more information available about the program.

Pricing and Guarantee

There is no way to get the price of the pill without submitting payment information. The company does offer a 110% guarantee on their product, which is very impressive. This type of guarantee is rare in today’s diet pill market. This makes you think that maybe the company is offering something good with Slenderex.

Is It Worth It?

Slenderex is a true mystery diet pill. At first, you are sure it is a worthless diet pill, but then you see their top of the line guarantee and think there may be something more to Slenderex. If a company offers a good guarantee and stands behind their product then it is best to assume the product does work.

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