Snooki endorsement of Zantrex 3 pill

snooki4Young star Snooki of the popular reality TV show “The Jersey Shore” recently said on her Twitter page that her new looks and slim body are to be thanked to Zantrex 3 fat burner.

Popular to the contrary beliefs, she didn’t lose weight only by exercising. As a matter of fact, she claims she has taken Zantrex 3 pills before her workouts, where she would go to the gym and spend an hour on the treadmill and not feel tired after that.

Reaction from the medical community is not so great. Several doctors have called Snooki’s endorsement outrageous and “perfect example of bad endorsement”. The main problem is the high caffeine content of Zantrex 3 pills and the fact that Snooki endorsees going to the gym after taking Zantrex 3 pills.

There’s as much caffeine as 12 espressos inside Zantrex 3 pills. Doctors warn all consumers that taking so much caffeine can cause rather unpleasant side effects, even in young and healthy people (irritability, insomnia, palpitations, and heart arrhythmias). It’s even worse idea to go to gym and exercise after taking these pills. That can be really bad for the heart.

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