Where to buy Unique Hoodia?

“Purest & strongest Hoodia product on the market”

buyuniquehoodiaSince it appeared on the weight loss market in the late 2008, Unique Hoodia has been rocking the Hoodia market, and not without a good reason.

We have seen many Hoodia Gordonii products so far, but none of them came even close to UniqueHoodia in terms of quality, effectiveness and safety.

Recently we got in touch with manufacturers and they confirmed to us: re-order rate of UniqueHoodia is very high, which just proves one thing: Unique Hoodia clearly works.

Unique Hoodia review

Main UniqueHoodia features

  • 495mg of Hoodia Gordonii per pill
  • 90 pills per box
  • Contains only 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii powder (not an extract)
  • Also contains 5mg Bioperine for 30% faster absorption
  • Has all the required quality control certificates (CITES, COA, Organics Annex Certificate)
  • 6 months money back guarantee
  • 100% safe (no nasty chemicals)

How to order Unique Hoodia?

UHsiteThis weight loss supplement can be purchased only via their official website and nowhere else. You can order it using your credit/debit card or by telephone.

Manufacturers are pretty strict about their “no 3rd party sales” policy, so don’t even bother looking for UniqueHoodia on auction sites like eBay etc.

The price for 1-month package is $54.95 (about £35) with discounts available as you go for bigger packages.

UniqueHoodia official website