Xenadrine weight loss pills review

xenadrineXenadrine is another fat burner on the market. It was made by the company “Cytodone”. The original Xenadrine formula was named Xenadrine RFA-1 and it had banned ingredient Ephedra in it. The most recent Xenadrine formula is called Xenadrine EFX and it is Ephedra-free.

The newer version of Xenadrine was very popular in USA. Not so much popular in the UK. The interesting thing is that this product is popular in bodybuilding industry as well as weight loss sector. Xenadrine EFX can cause some minor side effects, but nothing really serious as Ephedra based, older version of Xenadrine.

Xenadrine ingredients

One of the main substitutes for Ephedra was caffeine. It’s true that caffeine can help in weight loss, but it’s also true that it can also cause some unpleasant side effects. So if you’re comfortable with caffeine, then this diet pill might be for you.

Besides caffeine, Xenadrine also contains Yerba Mate, Guarana, Green Tea Extract, L-Tyrosine, Norambrolide.

Does Xenadrine work?

The Xenadrine Ephedra version was somewhat effective. The new version without Ephedra seems to be pretty useless in weight loss.

Xenadrine side effects

It can cause all those side effects related to caffeine: headaches, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, stomach cramps, sweating etc.

Is Xenadrine recommended?

This product is targeted more towards bodybuilders and such. We recommend you getting a diet pill that is targeted specifically towards weight loss people.

What are the alternatives?

phen375-miniPhen375 – Synthetic fat burner that represents the best legal alternative to Phentermine. Uses a unique set of chemical ingredients made in an FDA regulated lab in California. No side effects reported.

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proactolreview-miniProactol – Fat binder that can bind up to 1/4 of your dietary fat intake and eliminate it out of your body. Made from dehydrated leaves of nutritious cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica, this diet pill is turning the weight loss industry upside down. Highly recommended.

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