Is Yerba Mate the key to fighting obesity?

Yerba Mate effects

yerba-mate1The research journal “OBESITY” by Nature Publishing Group is about to publish new research that has proven a natural plant extract, Yerba Mate, has potent anti-obesity effects for the first time.

This research examined the effects of Yerba Mate extract. The plant is found in South America and when obese mice on high fat diets were given the extract it was discovered that it has strong anti-obesity activity.

The research showed the adipose tissue in the obese mice returned to normal levels when given the extract. In addition, the mice experienced reduced high blood cholesterol and glucose levels.

This suggests that the Yerba Mate extract may work to suppress weight gain, reduce fat accumulation and decrease the level of cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and glucose.

At the University of Copenhagen, the leading obesity research Professor Anthony Leeds said:

“Recent research clearly shows that compounds occurring in Yerba Mate extract (Ilex paraguarensis) attenuated weight gain in mice on a high fat diet and improved abnormal blood lipid profiles. Yerba Mate treatment acted on adipose tissue to down-regulate several genes (including leptin the ‘eating hormones’, and cytokines) and upregulated those for adiponectin and thermogenesis, giving clues as to the mechanism for the weight loss.”

Yerba Mate weight loss supplement

11098zotrimsmallpackYerba Mate is often taken as a hot drink called Mate in South America. The extract has become the main ingredient in the weight loss product Zotrim.

The extract is complemented by other extracts from Guarana and Damiana, two other plants found in South America. This unique combination of natural plant extracts has a strong impact on weight loss in humans.

Five rigorous and independent investigations have been done on Zotrim. Most individuals who took Zotrim lose 11.2 pounds compared to just 0.7 pounds for those on placebo pills. It works by helping users to eat less by increasing satiety or the feeling of fullness.

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